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Straighten Your Nasal Septum – Septoplasty

The inside of your nose is separated by a midline wall into a left and right side with a nostril and nasal cavity on either side. The separation is termed the nasal septum. Many people may suffer the symptoms of a deviated nasal septum and feel that this is normal. When a deviated nasal septum obstructs your breathing or decreases your quality of life, the nasal septum may need to be straightened. This surgical procedure is know as septoplasty and is meant to correct the deviation in your nasal septum.

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When the cartilage and bones that form the nasal septum become misaligned it can lead to severe air flow concerns. Trauma to the nose or nasal cavities is the most common cause of a deviated nasal septum. But there are many people who have no clear event of trauma that can be tied to being the cause. A deviated septum may start to twist after the nose has completed its growth during the teen years. This deviation can cause conditions such as snoring, persistent sinus infection and dry mouth. The most apppropriate person to consult with is a board certified ENTo learn if septoplasty surgery can help alleviate your breathing concerns. Dr. Garrett Bennett is an experienced New York City sinus and nasal surgeon.

Septoplasty Surgery

Your doctor should provide a thorough examination before deciding on surgery, because each case is unique and can be performed externally or internally on the nasal cavities. When a minor deviation occurs, the body may compensate and try to adjust to the blocked airways. Most notably this can be seen in the enlargement of the unaffected nostrils’ inferior turbinate. This condition is known as compensatory hypertrophy. Dr. Bennett only operates on the nose and sinuses and can complete a septoplasty surgery in about an hour. Depending on how your body reacts, you should be back to normal activity in a week or so. It is very common that a septoplasty surgery is combined with a rhinoplasty to correct cosmetic deformities that parallel with the functional improvement of your breathing. Additional procedures to improve your breathing can also be combined such as turbinate reduction, nasal fracture repair, and nasal valve repair. Consultaition with an experienced ENT will help you to determine if these other procedures should be performed along with the septoplasty.

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Before and After Septoplasty

Dr. Bennett is a sinus specialists and septoplasty surgeon in New York City who practices exclusively on the nose and breathing. A septoplasty can  repair the nose internally, while avoiding external scarring, swelling, or bruising. Typically, repair of a deviated septum through a septoplasty does not alter the shape of the nose, unless you decide to combine the surgery with rhinoplasty. One of the most noted and largest benefits of combining surgeries is that there is only one recovery period from both treatments. In a minority of patients, the location of a deviated septum can cause an external nasal deformity. Septoplasty in these individuals will improve the external appearance of the nose, as well as lead to improved breathing.

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Proper Nasal Septum Alignment

After Septoplasty Surgery

In most cases the septoplasty surgery will not cause any physical change to the external nose or surrounding areas of the face. Through the use of his advanced techniques, Dr. Bennett rarely uses packing which allows for a much more enjoyable experience.

Septoplasty in New York

Dr. Bennett will perform a thorough physical examination of the nose, including a nasal endoscopy. Sometimes a sinus CAT scan will be ordered to provide a comprehensive view of the nasal cavities. Dr. Bennett has extensive experience treating patients who are also suffering from chronic sinus infections. A sinus ventilation treatment can be combined with the septoplasty surgery to treat both conditions simultaneously. Dr. Bennett rarely needs to use packing inside the nose after surgery and patients can generally breathe through the nose very soon afterwards. In most cases you will be able to go back to work within the first week, but avoid any physical exertion or heavy exercise for 2 to 3 weeks. A deviated nasal septum is a medical condition and the cost of a septoplasty in New York is typically covered by insurance companies.

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